Corfu island,
our family and
the olive tree

Since ancient times, the island of Phaeacians, Corfu, is a bridge of cultures, people and tastes. A place known for its beauty, its values and its civilization.

The olive tree has been inhabited here for centuries offering its gifts. The truly impressive, age-old Corfiot olive grove is known since the 17th century.

There is so much more in Corfu than what meets the eye. It’s a place with a strong personality. You have to visit, to understand it. To let it talk to your eyes and your heart. To live it and savour it. The local cuisine is simply incredible, so delicious and rich, so healthy. Ιts foundation is the extra virgin olive oil produced exclusively here, on this island.

The microclimate, the sea breeze, the air from the hills, all work harmoniously in a “conspiracy” to produce this unique, fresh juice.

The roots of our family are directly tied to Corfu and are creatively combined with the roots of our olive groves. Producing a unique extra virgin olive oil was an inevitable demand for us. An urgent natural evolution, present in every drop of the best olive oil our land produces.“Olithea” is an authentic Corfiot extra virgin olive oil, made by Corfiots (and a Swiss) for all of you.


“Lianolia”, the “source” of our extra virgin olive oil

Οur variety, the famous “Lianolia”, the starting point of everything. Lianolia chose to live and bare fruits only here. Native to Corfu, is a variety with dinstinct characteristics, setting it apart from any other Greek or foreign variety.

Like all the inhabitants of our island, Lianolia is not easygoing. Nor onvenient. You have to gain its trust. Then, and only then, it will unfold all its tasteful and aromatic qualities. Only then it will provide you with delicious natural juice from its fruits, so rich in polyphenols and antioxidants. And then, you know that it worth every effort, every care.


Happy trees mean extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality

Each of our trees is a small, self-sufficient system that produces life. If you really give your attention as it should, you’ll almost hear it frightening your needs and dreams.

Each has a story to tell, a truly old story. ll the trees in our family olive grove are planted with love by the hand of people who knew and, most of all, were emotional connected with their land. Ever since, every generation learns from the previous one, just how to keep the trees “well-fed” and happy.

And the modern standards of organic farming impose the good health of every tree and guarantee the top quality of every fruit.



The cultivation and production process of extra virgin olive oil, known for its nutritional and therapeutic properties since ancient times, is a true “ritual”.


We pick the olives from each tree, just as mature as they need to be, to give us their very best juice. We are very careful not to injure the trees as we collect our olives and we hand-pick them, one by one. Only the best fruits will reach the olive mill as quickly as possible, to become Olithea extra virgin olive oil.

We have
the world
as our horizon


Our “liquid gold” requires real art in its production. Although it may seems as a simple procedure, it is particularly sensitive and requires full attention. From transport and washing to pressing and storing, the conditions must be kept ideal and the temperature really low. For us, the term “cold extraction” is not a claim, it is an imposed reality. Our aims are freshness and perfect quality, never quantity.


When our extra virgin olive oil calms in its inox tank under ideal conditions and effectively go through all the necessary controls certifing its low acidity and high nutritional value, its mpressively rich polyphenols, its excellent organoleptic properties, and its spiciness, bitterness and fruitiness are measured, the final production phase of bottling follows. Its unique bottle, worthy of its high quality, protects it and keeps every drop fresh, until you enjoy it at your table.