Gain a longer,
healthier life!

Extra Virgin olive oil, the Mediterranean diet’s dominant fat, has a wide range of therapeutic properties beneficial to your health, enhancing your wellbeing and longevity.

100% free of damaging trans fats, rich in polyphenols, natural antioxidants and essential nutrients, contributes in the prevention of Cardiovascular Health, Inflammation, Diabetes, Obesity, Alzheimer’s, Ageing and other major threats.


Organic farming, just like Nature

Nature never use chemicals, nor sprays her creations with pesticides. Stringent International rules of Organic Agriculture return modern crops to their premium natural form.

Ηealth claim (EU 432/2012)
Polyphenols received daily by a 20g olive oil intake contribute to the protection of blood lipids from oxidative degradation.

Miraculous Polyphenols

Extra virgin olive oil’s polyphenols are Nature’s gift to human health. And the main reason it is considered a true super-food. They are the main ingredient of its goodness, of why it tastes magnificent, and its “tool” to protect you from so many diseases. Some polyphenols exist in the olives, others formed during the extraction process. Enjoy them all, in every “Olithea” drop!

Organoleptic character, human objectivity

Personal views are subjective, right? No, if they are group decisions of trained specialists like Sensory Evaluation Panels. That’s why they’re not questioned and considered absolutely necessary by the International Regulation, for olive oil to get the top title “extra virgin”. Faults must be excluded and their Bitterness, Fruitiness, and Spiciness are measured. There, “Olithea” has top results!

Αcidity low, quality high

Not all extra virgin olive oils are not “born” equally …extra. A documented, uncontested quality proof is its Acidity. These days, almost everyone knows the lower the acidity, the better for the taste, the value, and the strength of one of the most powerful juices of Nature. And yes, at Olithea, we have 0.3. Only!