Greek Salad Gazpacho



100 g. Feta cheese
400 g. ripe tomatoes
1 Green pepper
1 Cucumber
6 tbl.sp. of extra virgin olive oil
A medium-sized onion
1 tbl.sp. of fresh oregano leaves
Salt and freshly ground pepper




Remove the seeds from the tomatoes and the peppers and mix the tomatoes in the blender. Chop the rest of the vegetables, let aside a small amount of them, mix the rest in the blender with the onion and 2 egg whites and strain the mixture in a fine strainer. If you want, you can replace the egg whites with two slices of toast bread.

Add the olive oil and just a little bit of vinegar to the mixture, salt and pepper and stir well. Dice the Feta cheese and serve on top or make a small Greek salad on toasted bread, flavor with fresh olithea olive oil.

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